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Lake Atitlán

Throw up and tantrums were the themes of our first family trip here in Guatemala. But the stunning backdrop of Lake Atitlán makes vacationing with toddlers a little more bearable. One of the most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world and my favorite place to visit in Guatemala, it was a no-brainer for our first family trip.

Must-Have Items for Travel with Toddlers

It’s that time of year, Spring Break is upon us. It’s hard enough to keep kids happy for 4 minutes let alone a 4 hour flight. As we prepare to head to Guatemala this weekend we thought we’d pull together our must have items for surviving airplane travel with our two girls.

Journey to Israel

I am one of about 5.7 million Jews that live in the United States. As a Jew, making the trip to Israel is always something high on the bucket list. And as a convert to Judaism I have always felt pressure that I should have a strong connection to the state of Israel. Over a year ago my father-in-law suggested we go to Israel as a family for his 70th birthday. He may have said it as a wish he didn’t think would actually come true. A few weeks later my husband and I told him the dates we were available and the planning began.