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6 Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

You did it! You booked your newborn session. Newborn photos are an investment that your family will cherish for generations. It understandable that you’d want to do everything you can to make the day a success. Following these guidelines will ensure your newborn session go smoothly and will result in the modern natural images of your dreams.

Happy Mother's Day

Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding and most challenging transitions I’ve ever gone through. Watching other moms from behind my lens has allowed me to gain a better sense of joy and connection to the messier sides of motherhood. In honor of mother’s day I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments I’ve captured of moms and their babes over the last year.

Rubin Maternity: Lincoln Park, Chicago

Two of my favorite people are having a baby! Dave and Danielle are first time clients but long time friends. I’ve known Dave since high school and Danielle I met six years ago when she was Dave’s date for my wedding. I could tell right away she was the real deal. Danielle is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She exudes warmth to everyone that has the pleasure to know her. And being able to capture the love the two of them share for each other was a blast.

Windy Wild Child

You know the kind of wind that sprays water off the lake and requires you to shout to hear your own voice? That was what we had the day of Tim and Suzie’s family session. This wind made for a whimsical session and allowed for some really fun photos capturing their daughter Sydney’s free spirit. Who needs a wind machine when your session takes place on the lake front?

From Bump to Baby

Capturing life moments is always special but even more amazing when the client is a repeat customer.  A few months ago I met with Melissa, Nick and their dog Sawyer for a beautiful maternity session at Montrose Beach.  (If you haven't seen pictures from that session I highly recommend going back a few post.)  This past weekend I went to their home to capture the new addition to the family, baby Kaysen.

Midsummer Nights Dream

A perfect summer night, a romantic setting, an adorable family and a floral crown.  Let me present to you the Ilbawi Family.

Last week I met with this beautiful family at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Beth is pregnant with her third child...yeah that's right, third child! This seems especially unbelievable to me since we had our oldest children at the same time and I can't imagine having to care for another living thing right now.  Let me tell all you mama's out there that have more than two...I bow down to you. But my fear of more children aside, what resulted from this meet up was a fun evening filled with lots of running, giggling and sweet family moments. 

Flower Child

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?  I remember the sleepless nights of having an infant. You know those nights that you are up for the third time to feed your baby, they fall right back to sleep and you sit holding them just to watch them sleep? Since I no longer have a newborn I can look back on those days with rose colored glasses.  Those early days with your baby are so glorious and capturing newborns in their sleepy peaceful grace makes my heart sing. And to my husbands appreciation this is the only newborn fix I need.