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5 Summer Date Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about date night can be figuring out what to do and falling into the same old routine. To jumpstart your summer date nights we’ve come up with 5 easy and fun ideas that will have you giggling and hopefully ending the night the way all date nights should end.

Our 5 Rules for a Successful Date Night

The number one piece of advice we tell all our friends to implement when they have their first child is to make it a point to carve out time for date nights. When Joe and I are consistently getting uninterrupted time together the whole house runs more smoothly. Often the hesitation I get from friends who think they can’t do weekly date nights is that they think they have to get a babysitter and leave the house to make it count. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. While we of course prefer to exit the house to make it feel more special, it’s not always realistic. So today we thought we’d share our 5 rules that make it count as a date.

2 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

When’s the last time you checked in with your partner? I mean really asked them how they were. The days with a new baby can feel like such a blur of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. Often it feels like as partners you are just two passing ships in the night. If there is one thing that postpartum has taught us is that it is much better to check in with one another before the floor drops out. Because of this we now make it a goal to do a real check-in once every few months by asking each other these questions: