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My Advice for New Dads

It won’t be long now before the girls are fairly self-dependent and I’ll forget all about the do’s and don’ts that got me through the initial stages of daddy-hood. Some of these were short-lived given how quickly we’d “graduated” to the next life stage. Some are techniques or should I say mantras that I hold as part of my core values and what (I hope) makes me a decent parent and more importantly an alright life partner.

Survey Says: Dads are Rad

With Father’s Day around the corner we wanted to focus in on the dads and what they mean to their partners. We were curious: What do women appreciate most about their spouses as husband and fathers?  So we asked 10 women just that.  When people answered the question what stood out was the little day-to-day moments that they appreciated. Helping around the house, waking up at night with the baby, and making breakfast. I’m talking about half of the respondents pointed out making breakfast! What I take from the acknowledgment of these little things is that it’s not the grand gestures; it’s showing up regularly and consistently, working as a team.

Our 5 Rules for a Successful Date Night

The number one piece of advice we tell all our friends to implement when they have their first child is to make it a point to carve out time for date nights. When Joe and I are consistently getting uninterrupted time together the whole house runs more smoothly. Often the hesitation I get from friends who think they can’t do weekly date nights is that they think they have to get a babysitter and leave the house to make it count. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. While we of course prefer to exit the house to make it feel more special, it’s not always realistic. So today we thought we’d share our 5 rules that make it count as a date.

2 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

When’s the last time you checked in with your partner? I mean really asked them how they were. The days with a new baby can feel like such a blur of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. Often it feels like as partners you are just two passing ships in the night. If there is one thing that postpartum has taught us is that it is much better to check in with one another before the floor drops out. Because of this we now make it a goal to do a real check-in once every few months by asking each other these questions:

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring in Chicago, one day its snowing and the next its sunny again. We are constantly trying to come up with new ways to keep our kids entertained and busy in the great outdoors. Daily walks around the block can get monotonous when you are exploring the same four trees. To help we created this simple scavenger hunt to get your kiddos exploring their neighborhood with new eyes.

Picking Up New Hobbies After Kids

Becoming a parent comes with its own little Pandora’s box. While we’d like to maintain our own self-identity and simply enhance our individual profile by saying “ok, the only difference now is that I’m responsible for another human being”; truth is, it may not always be that simple. As an example, let’s say I happen to enjoy axe-throwing as a hobby. Given the nature of this activity and the components involved, it’s likely not something I can do with the kiddos or continue to dedicate as much time to without also sacrificing time at home.

3 Things That Have Helped Our Marriage

Real talk time. Marriage is hard. If you can believe it we met when we were only 19 years old. 19!!! That’s not even legal drinking age in the US. Dating at such a young age meant that we had a lot of growing to do both individually and together. Today we want to share the three things that we have implemented into our relationship since having kids and how they have made our relationship stronger.

I Had Postpartum Depression

You never really know what's going on in someone's life.  With the inside look that social media provides to people's lives its easy to see the way that someone else lives and compare your life to theirs.  So often the picture we see online is not really what's going on behind closed doors.