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Work out Playlist

Work out Playlist

Post baby working out never came easy to me. I don’t know if it was the effects of having two c-sections or just the aftermath of my stomach stretching to 10 times its size, but I have had to move slowly back into a workout routine. And to be honest, I don’t love working out. I love how I feel after a workout but I often find a reason not to go which usually comes down to me just not wanting to wash my hair.

Because I’m not a huge fan of working out, music is the only thing that gets me going and motivates me to workout more than 15 min. I treat my workout like a spin class or dance routine finding rhythm in each song to push me.

Here is my current playlist and break down of my workout that I do 3x per week:

BadAss Bitch Work out:

Good as Hell- Lizzo

No better way to start anything than with Lizzo’s voice in your head. Use this song as a warm up to get into your body and set the pace and mindset for your workout ahead. Set treadmill incline at 2 and speed 3.5.

What About Us- P!nk

Increase speed to 5.8, find your stride.

Cheap Thrills- Sia

That warm up was good but its time to dive into the music. Find the beat of the song and stride it out: Speed 6.3

Titanium (Feat Sia)- David Guetta

It’s go time! Increase speed to 7. When chorus hits at 1 minute in push speed to 8 for a quick sprint. Drop back down to 7 at 1:30.

Don’t think about anything other than the beat and let the music push you through. You’re going to push it through the end now. At 2 minutes begin to increase speed. Be to speed 8 by 2:15 and all the way up to 9 a minute later by 3:15 . Sprint through last 30 seconds of song.

Water Me- Lizzo

You are about 15 min into your workout. Time to dry off and grab some water. Bring speed down to 3.5 catch your breath and then push back to speed 4 to stride it out to the beat…walk it out like the bad bitch Lizzo says you are.

Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé

Beyoncé says run, I run. Set speed to 6 and push through song to speed 6.8. You want to be to 2 miles by the end of the song.

No Excuses- Meghan Trainor

Two songs to go in cardio and I’m usually way past ready to be done. Keep speed somewhere between 6.5-6.8

Higher Love- Kygo & Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston brings me home with my last song in cardio. Keep speed leveled and push through to 2.5 miles. Slow to a walk when you reach 25 min for cool down. Observe what’s going on in your body,. Thank all the things that made it possible for you to complete this run. The person watching your kid(s). Your legs for working, your lungs for breathing, your car for getting you to the gym. Whatever obstacles were in your way you did it! When the gospel breakdown happens at about 2:30 hop off the treadmill and find your dumbbells for strength training.

Truth Hurts- Lizzo

We move into a full set of Lizzo’s motivation for our strength training. After grabbing the free weights of your choice 5-10 lbs we start with our upper body exercises.

8 times each for a total of 3 sets

Lateral lift

Bicep curls

Overhead lift

Tricep exercise

Exactly How I Feel (Feat Gucci Mane)- Lizzo

Continue upper body exercises. When finished move into lower body.

Juice- Lizzo

12 times per side for a total of 3 sets

Squats in lunge


Toe raises

Like a Girl- Lizzo

Finish lower body sets

*At this point, you should be 40 minutes in

Cool Down:

Malibu- Miley Cyrus

Abs. I don’t do many during my workout but this song from Miley Cyrus is the perfect song for 3 sets of spider man abs with a gentle cobra stretch between sets.

OverLoad (Feat Miguel)- John Legend

Yay I’m done. Switching to my first male lead vocalist is my signal that I am officially in cool down mode. And there is no better voice than the sweet sounds of John Legend to get me out of my BossBitch trance. End with your stretches of choice or by laying flat on the floor and never getting back up.

Vor í Vaglaskógi- Kaleo

*Stretching Length 12 min

Can’t wait to hear what you think of this workout. I know its been making me feel so powerful for the last few weeks. Tag @casacamhi in your workout posts and let me know what songs are giving you life!

Happy Sweating.

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