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Sunday Yoga Session With Ella

Sunday Yoga Session With Ella

Sunday evenings for me are a time to close out the previous week and refocus on the goals and task for the week ahead. One way I love to do this is with a Sunday meditation. My talented sister Ella recently started taking on clients for private yoga practice. She builds amazing sequences specifically designed to help her individual client and tonight I thought I’d share the recent sequence she built for me.

If you try one part tonight I highly recommend taking 10 min and just completing the Pranayama and Meditation. It will ground you and provide energy to conquer all the challenges of the week ahead.

Here is what she had to say:

This practice is 30-minutes. I designed it around the goals we talked about and I hope it brings you clarity, good health and grounding at this time of transition for you and fam.

In yoga-speak, the intention of this sequence and poses is to balance your pitta dosha and root chakra (sanskrit: muladhara). A bit more on the yoga, which I find fascinating and personally have found builds my awareness and ability to care for myself:

Your fiery Pitta dosha can make you (& me) easily irritated and impatient in hot summer heat and balance will restore your natural self-confidence and sense of purpose in each step.

Your root chakra, located at the base of your spine and pelvic floor is physically the seat of your body's foundation and energetically it represents your connection to the physical world, so balance can look like health, security, safety and being present. Imbalances can look like: spaciness, inability to be still, frequent illness, fears or anxiety.

Outside of yoga, try noticing what environments and routines achieve these same goals. A few ideas for starters: go barefoot, sit in the grass and dig in your garden, wear your favorite perfume, drink chamomile tea, make sweets with Neva and use cardamom or vanilla, eat lime and mint - like in a refreshing mojito ;) and take it easy in the heat with some a/c, a dip in the water or "natural" a/c in the form of a popsicle.

Adrienne's Summer Sequence

Grounding: Begin lying on your back. Breath comfortably and if you want try "moon breath": bring your index and middle fingers together to touch, then rest them on your forehead between your eyebrows. Allow your thumb rest on your right nostril, ring finger rests on the left nostril. Close off the right nostril and INHALE left, close off left nostril and EXHALE - right side. Repeat

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Dynamic Bridge. IN - hips & arms rise in tandem. EX - lower hips & arms to rest on the ground.

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Sun Salutation L (2-3x on right & left side)

IN - Standing back bend, hands together

EX - standing forward bend

IN- crescent lunge w/ knee on mat

EX - standing forward bend

IN - chair pose

EX - deepen pose

IN - Standing back bend, hand together

EX - Tadasana/Mountain pose

Tadasana/Mtn pose

8 breaths and scan body focusing on creating a solid foundation from feet up through pelvic floor to crown of head

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Triangle Pose

Experiment building pose from ground up - starting in lunge, straighten right knee, plant hand and lift left arm open to sky

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Ex. Side Angle

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Wide Leg Forward Fold

8 breaths releasing in head and shoulders

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Arm Balance: Side Plank and Wild Thing

8 breaths feeling strong and free

Inversion: Legs up the wall

8 breaths feeling safe and anchored

Backbend: Cobra

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Twist: Child's Pose & thread shoulder under

8 breaths feeling breath across back of body

Forward Bend: Pigeon

8 breaths releasing through head, neck, arms and hips

Savasana: Rest

Pranayama: Visualize the Universe: stars, galaxies, planets and sun all around you. inhale. draw all of these forces through the top of the head down the spine, into the navel center. Hold the breath briefly and feel a fire burning up, transforming itself into a powerful blaze, a powerful fire. Exhale. Let all the forces spread into the tissues of the body and layers of the mind and heart. Repeat 10x

Meditation: Now rest and visualize a spiral of multi-colored energy and light anchored at the navel becoming increasingly concentrated, providing perfect luminosity, stability and centeredness. Visualize this ever-concentrating spiral of light at the navel spreading its power (3 minutes). 

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