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How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

We always have a camera with us these days, so what’s the problem? Most people don’t feel confident in their ability to capture photos of their kids. With a few simple tips you’ll take your photos from the average shot to a photo you’ll want to frame.

And the best part is you don’t need a big fancy camera to take these shots. All these tips work with your iPhone. So here they are: My easy tips for capturing better photos of your kids.

Try a Different Angle

From Above:

Hold the camera, directly above the subjects head. I love the nostalgia photos taken from above provides. It takes the viewer into the moment of watching the children play. Plus, the kids don’t even need to be smiling or with their eyes open, you can just catch them being their natural cute selves.

Wide Angle:

Shooting from father away allows you to capture their surroundings and shows an interesting perspective of their size relative to the world around them.

Portrait Mode

Focus on the Eye:

Switch your camera to portrait mode and tap the screen on your child’s eye.

Capture the details:

Capture more than just their face. Focus on the chubby roles or sweet fingers. The detail photos always warm my heart.

Get Down to Their Level:

Rather than shooting while standing squat down to their level to capture the shot directly on.

Use the Light:

Have your child facing the direction of the sun. Or said another way, put the sun at your back.

Catch them in Action:

Don’t ask them to look at you, pose and never have them say cheese. The candid moments are often the ones you’ll cherish the most. Besides, if they want to look at you and smile, they’ll do so in their own silly way which is worth capturing no matter what.

Following these tips you’ll too be able to capture printable photos of your kids you’ll cherish for years to come.

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