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Hey Friend! Welcome to the home of Adrienne Leigh Photography and Casa Camhi. We are Adrienne & Joe adventurers and dreamers currently living in Guatemala with our two daughters. Join us as we try to stay stylish and sane in the mess of parenting.

Weekly Meal: The Best Turkey Burger

Weekly Meal: The Best Turkey Burger

Summer time is made for grilling and nothing says grilling like a burger. If you don’t like olives then just stop reading now (I’m looking at you Laura and Jarod) these olive filled burgers are delicious and just may stand up against a classic beef burger.


20 oz Ground Turkey

3/4 cup olives, I use green and kalamata chopped

5 tsp greek seasoning (I recommend this one from penzey’s)

1/4 cup chopped red onion

1 1/4 cup feta cheese (I leave feta off a few burgers for me since i’m dairy free)


Mix all ingredients (excluding feta if anyone is dairy free) form about 6-8 patties. If cheese was left out of mixture push a few pieces of feta into a few of the patties.

I recommend serving them on toasted pretzel buns with some mixed greens. They are also delicious the next morning right out of the fridge for breakfast.

It’s hard to compete with a classic beef burger but these Greek Turkey Burgers just might be my favorite way to have a burger. We hope you love them as much as we do.

The 411 on my Royal Sunshine

The 411 on my Royal Sunshine

Hayden Kohli Newborn: Evanston

Hayden Kohli Newborn: Evanston