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Hey Friend! Welcome to the home of Adrienne Leigh Photography and Casa Camhi. We are Adrienne & Joe adventurers and dreamers currently living in Guatemala with our two daughters. Join us as we try to stay stylish and sane in the mess of parenting.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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For the Grill Master

If you ever worry about poisoning your guests this will not only prevent you from doing that but help you cook your meat to the perfect temperature.

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For the Sentimental Man

Who doesn’t love pictures of their own kids. Every year for father’s day Adrienne makes me a photo album of photos of me with the girls and I love it every time.

For the Stylish Man

There are very few accessories a man can wear. A watch is always a great fashion piece. I’ve been eyeing this piece for the last few weeks and think it’s a great blend of style and function.

For the Bearded Man

If the man in your life sports facial hair, any length, this is a great and easy addition to the maintenance routine. You’ll both thank me.

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For the Geek

Apple does a great job of advertising on their own but I’ll assist anyway. These wireless airpods perform surprisingly well. Both battery life and connectivity are great and the compact size makes them easy to stow in most pockets.

For the Tool Guy

An electric power washer. I own this. I love this. Your man needs this.

Our 5 Rules for a Successful Date Night

Our 5 Rules for a Successful Date Night

Summer Bucket List

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