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Survey Says: Dads are Rad

Survey Says: Dads are Rad

With Father’s Day around the corner we wanted to focus in on the dads and what they mean to their partners. We were curious: What do women appreciate most about their spouses as husband and fathers?  So we asked 10 women just that.  When people answered the question what stood out was the little day-to-day moments that they appreciated. Helping around the house, waking up at night with the baby, and making breakfast. I’m talking about half of the respondents pointed out making breakfast! What I take from the acknowledgment of these little things is that it’s not the grand gestures; it’s showing up regularly and consistently, working as a team.

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We are a great team! I appreciate how we balance each other out. When one of us is struggling or stressed, the other picks up the slack. 

Watching him roll on the floor with Avett and cuddle Isla brings me so much joy. I appreciate how much he loves us and that he would do anything to make us happy.

Laura Oliver

As a father, he is so engaged. He is comfortable with both of them - even on adventures and doesn’t ever make me feel guilty about it. He does their laundry, makes them breakfast. He has worked hard on parenting in a style that is empathetic and listens and remains calm under pressure.

Ella Daniels

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Several women pointed out how their partner pushes them to grow and supported their dreams…

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The thing I love most about my husband is his unwavering commitment to helping me grow as an individual and to helping us grow as partners and parents.

Leslie Martin

I appreciate his ability to dream big and then plan ahead both logistically and financially to reach those dreams. He takes care of our family and our home that we'll have in the future, whereas I am much more of the day-to-day thinker. 

I personally struggle with dreaming for things that I perceive as unattainable- it feels too vulnerable and scary. But Vince encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and dream big with him. 

Andie Hames-Fraiser

Love, it’s the foundation of any healthy relationship. Without feeling loved it’s hard to grow or want to work together. For these mamas unconditional love was the first thing that came to mind when they think of their spouse.

I appreciate that he still thinks I’m beautiful after all of these years, baby and weight gain.  I appreciate he loves me just as I am!

Toni Goehring


I appreciate his selflessness and his loving and caring personality.

Celeste Bonanno


Another common theme was having a partner that brought joy and positivity to the home. Raising kids is exhausting work and these dads seem to have the right mindset to help the family through those difficult days.

He is patient and has a good heart, he helps me to slow down and enjoy life more ! He always has a positive outlook on life , and makes the best of each moment . 

Kelly Benitez


As a father, I appreciate how he can make any mundane situation super fun & special, his enthusiasm and energy can make all the difference.

Beth Ilbawi

Vulnerability comes in many forms and being willing to bring your family along and introducing them to your passions is an amazing example of vulnerability and trust.

I appreciate the times when Mark shares with me and/or the girls activities he gets excited about doing such as going to tennis tournaments, concerts, checking out a neighborhood restaurant or watching a Netflix series/movie...Of course there are days when we are unmotivated to participate, but it usually ends up being fun and we're glad we did it.  Plus I get to learn something new about the man I married- Stella Hong

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His passion for life is truly something to witness - he’s never going to take the easy, lazy, or convenient path - he’s going to go the extra mile to seek out the unique, the challenging, the inspiring experiences and bring his family along for the ride. 

Danielle Rubin


So thanks to all the dads that push us to be better, support our dreams, share their passions and take their role as parents as an equal partnership. Your unconditional love does not go unnoticed.

Happy Father’s Day.

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