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Hey Friend! Welcome to the home of Adrienne Leigh Photography and Casa Camhi. We are Adrienne & Joe adventurers and dreamers currently living in Guatemala with our two daughters. Join us as we try to stay stylish and sane in the mess of parenting.

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

I love a good gin cocktail and nothing beats the classic Gin & Tonic. It’s my go to summer drink and in honor of making it through my first week home alone with Neva I thought I’d cheers to Friday with a cocktail.

Here’s how to make a delicious Gin & Tonic of your own:


2 fluid ounces of Gin: of course you can use your gin of choice but what I think makes this cocktail so good is Aviation Gin.

1 tablespoon of fresh Lime

Tonic of choice


Optional: Lavender bitters - Highly recommend trying this, it really helps enhance the lavender notes in the gin.

How to Make:

Pour 2 fluid ounces of gin over one large ice cube. Squeeze about 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice and add 4 fluid ounces of chilled tonic. Drop in three or four drops of Lavender bitters , top with lime wedge and cucumber for the perfect summer G&T.

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Cheers to Friday!

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