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Must-Have Items for Travel with Toddlers

Must-Have Items for Travel with Toddlers

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It’s that time of year, Spring Break is upon us. It’s hard enough to keep kids happy for 4 minutes let alone a 4-hour flight. As we prepare to head to Guatemala this weekend we thought we’d pull together our must-have items for surviving airplane travel with our two girls.

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Both our girls have their own bag filled with items just for them. We love the Skip Hop bags. They fit the right amount for them to carry by themselves.

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Headphones & Tablet

There is a time and place for screen time and a travel day is definitely a day it comes in handy. These headphones are comfortable for our girls and I love that they connect together so they can listen or watch from the same device. They also have a volume limit to protect their little eardrums.

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Water Wow

If you have never purchased a Melissa and Doug Water Wow click the image and buy this now! I almost always have one of these in my diaper bag and it has been a life saver more than once. Even if Adilia usually only sucks the water out of the pen.

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Coloring materials

A small coloring book and a few crayons or this Fischer Price doodle pro always come along for the ride. Whether its a long trip or a night out at a restaurant they have kept our girls busy many times.

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Small toys

A week before a trip I hide a few of their favorite small toys to pack for the trip. This way they are new and exciting for the day of travel and we can usually get an extra 30 min of play time out of them.


Highlights Magazine

Neva will sit and do these with me for at least an hour. They don’t add much weight so I save several to have for travel.

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Water bottle

We love the Kids Klean Kanteen. Not only are they great for the flight but they keep the water nice and cold during long day trips at your destination.

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Books add weight but we love to bring a few they love from home. They come in handy on the flight and when we arrive at our destination for comfort before bed.

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Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Maybe the most important item to have on travel days. We usually bring PB&J sandwiches and cut up a few apples before we head to the airport. Some of our favorite snack options for travel days are raisins, animal crackers and cheddar bunnies.

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Change of clothes

I don’t know about you but we rarely carry change of clothes in our diaper bag anymore and if I do they are definitely not the right size. One moment of turbulence can cause a spill all over your toddler and I know my daughter would not be ok sitting in wet pants for very long. Throw in an extra outfit for each kid just to be safe.

Airplane travel can be exhausting but hopefully these items will help you survive your next flight slightly less traumatized.

Happy Travels!

Joe & Adrienne

Making a Michelada (in 34 seconds)

Making a Michelada (in 34 seconds)

Welcome to Casa Camhi

Welcome to Casa Camhi