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His Style: Spring Fashion Picks

His Style: Spring Fashion Picks

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Spring this year is extra special because it’ll be the first Spring since I bought my motorcycle. Which means, I’ll have more to look forward to as the weather improves. With that said, my picks this year certainly lean towards casual riding gear. Taking into account both style and functionality is of utmost importance given how quickly the weather can change. I’d like to think these items can work quite nice in any occasion and provide plenty of options to mix-and-match with other apparel.

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What’s great about these “boots” is that they literally embody what Spring means to me: “it’s not winter anymore; just not summer quite yet”. So what’s a guy to do? Simple, pick a hybrid that will perform well in crummy conditions, but also look stylish and comfortable for a night out on the town. The rubber outsole on the bottom of these provide excellent traction; while the upper leather keep things classy and yet casual.

I’ll admit, I’m being 100% selfish in this pick because I’m still on a quest to find the perfect pair of riding boots and these just happened to be looking like real good candidates.

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Just like with my pick for footwear, this coat is excellent for serving as a light barrier from the elements and yet stylish enough to fool most anyone who you’d tell you’re wearing a raincoat.

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Frankly when it comes to bottoms, it’s very hard to mess up; however, there’s always the temptation to grab summer apparel and force it in early. I don’t blame anyone for that, lord knows I drink plenty of Rose during the winter months as a form of silent protest. All I’m saying is, there’s a time and a place. For Spring time, chinos like these will be great for season transition and offer plenty of flexibility for dressing up or down to fit the occasion or setting.

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Shades are definitely a tricky one given all the various face shapes, skin tone, personal taste, etc. Staying true to my comment about not forcing summer into Spring, I went with a look and style that should work well for both sunny and rainy days. If aviators don’t happen to work well, I’d still recommend finding something with gold rims and blue or black lens.

Spring is that time of the year when we’re forced to cope with mother nature’s transition from Winter to Summer. Making for some unpredictable weather days. Might as well do it with apparel that is anything but predictable.


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