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4 Items for a Kid Friendly Passover

4 Items for a Kid Friendly Passover

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As passover quickly approaches most will be focused on how they will go without bread for one week. Instead of focusing on the food, today we want to share with you four items that help make our Passover fun for the younger members of the family.

The Story of Passover

Make the story simple and light. You know as light as killing of the first born can be. Last year we made hand puppets leading up to the week of passover and Neva loved the creative process. It made her excited to tell the story. If you don’t feel like making a craft we love these finger puppets from etsy.

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finger puppets

order by the 12th to get these adorable finger puppets in time for passover.

Finding the Right Haggadah

There are so many Haggadah’s to choose from. This year we are opting for this very kid friendly option.

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The Seder Plate

We love our Kids Kraft Shabbat set so I was so excited to try out this seder set this year.

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Kids Seder Plate

Cups of ‘wine’

One of the more fun parts of passover..the cups of wine! We love Martinelli’s Sparkling apple cider and use a miniature wine glass for the girls on all special occasions.

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Chag Sameach!

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