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Style Tips:  Fall Tablescapes

Style Tips: Fall Tablescapes

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Friends, family, gratitude and most importantly food.  That’s right. I’m talking about arguably the best holiday: Thanksgiving.  Usually in November I host at least one fall feast.  This year will be no different. I’m hosting a traditional Thanksgiving for some family and a casual Friendsgiving earlier in the month. For both events, the part I get most excited about is decorating the table.

Growing up my ‘job’ for the holidays was to set the table.  I would plan what plates I would use and my theme weeks in advance.  This passion for a beautiful table has followed me into adulthood and fall dinners are one of my favorite events to host.

In this month’s edition of Style Tips, I break down my checklist for creating a welcoming fall tablescape and show you three different settings to inspire your own fall soiree.

STEP 1: Set Your Theme

Besides turkey, what is your common thread or feel of the day?  Is it a cozy rustic fall feast or an elegant modern meal? To help come up with what the theme of the table will be: open your cabinets.  What color plates do you already own?  This will be the starting point for the tables color palette.  Next think about how you want your guest to describe the table. They’ll walk in and say, “Ooh looks so”...FILL IN THE BLANK: elegant, cozy, modern, fun, etc.

Step 2: Menu

Don’t overlook thinking through your menu. It determines what place settings you need to put out.  For example, you’ll need to include a bowl if you offer soup.

Step 3: Place Setting

Make your guests feel like you have truly gone the extra mile by thinking how you can make the setting even more inviting.  Seating arrangements, and decor are a great way to up your hostess game.

Step 4: Create a Focal Point

Now that you have the overall look, the menu and the place settings figured out, it is time to think about the focal point of the table: the centerpiece.  This focal point will set the tone for the ambiance.  Flowers are a classic choice and are often my first instinct, but a centerpiece can also be candles or even a food item.

So there you have it. You can create your own fall tablescape in four steps: look at that you already have, set your menu, add a unique element to the place setting and create a centerpiece. You’re ready to create a stunning table to welcome your guests this fall.

Happy hosting!



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