My Advice for New Dads

It won’t be long now before the girls are fairly self-dependent and I’ll forget all about the do’s and don’ts that got me through the initial stages of daddy-hood. Some of these were short-lived given how quickly we’d “graduated” to the next life stage. Some are techniques or should I say mantras that I hold as part of my core values and what (I hope) makes me a decent parent and more importantly an alright life partner.

Joe's Thoughts on Living In Guatemala Thus Far

It’s just under 2 months since I arrived in Guatemala and the “honeymoon” is sadly over. That period of time when it still felt as if we were here on vacation has now come to a close. With the girls in school 5 days a week and Adrienne taking Spanish classes, the time has come for me to settle into a routine for full-time living in Guatemala.

My Two Favorite Food Bloggers

Sometimes coming up with new meal plans week to week can feel monotonous. When I’m looking to spice up our weekly menu with something new I head to the internet for inspiration. Here are my two favorite food bloggers who constantly inspire and motivate me to eat healthy and most importantly enjoy my food. And it so happens that they’re both Minnesotan!

Lake Atitlán

Throw up and tantrums were the themes of our first family trip here in Guatemala. But the stunning backdrop of Lake Atitlán makes vacationing with toddlers a little more bearable. One of the most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world and my favorite place to visit in Guatemala, it was a no-brainer for our first family trip.

The Adventure Begins...

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my living room in Guatemala City over looking beautiful mountains and volcanos…somebody pinch me! I can’t believe this is my life right now. It has been just over a week since Neva and I arrived to Guatemala to join Joe and Adilia on our year adventure and what a busy week it has been.

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

I love a good gin cocktail and nothing beats the classic Gin & Tonic. It’s my go to summer drink and in honor of making it through my first week home alone with Neva I thought I’d cheers to Friday with a cocktail.

Handling Anxiety During Uncertainty

I am a person who likes lists, control and order. These are at times helpful tools however they also can be symptoms of my anxiety. My need for control can turn my type A personality to unhealthy habits where I over work myself to quiet my brain. Let me tell you from experience…This. Does. Not. Work. Over working myself means i’m giving myself no down time. No time to feel what I’m feeling. think what i’m thinking. or heaven forbid acknowledge i’m overwhelmed and might need to (gulp) ask someone for help.

5 Summer Date Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about date night can be figuring out what to do and falling into the same old routine. To jumpstart your summer date nights we’ve come up with 5 easy and fun ideas that will have you giggling and hopefully ending the night the way all date nights should end.