Summer Bucket List

Summer in the midwest is a sacred time. Lasting only a few short months we always want to take advantage of all our city has to offer in the warmer months.

This summer our bucket list is a little unique since its also our list of things to do before we move. Because of this we created a bucket list with two sides. One for adults and one for kids.

Our Big Move

For as long as we've been dating, Adrienne and I have always talked about whether we should try living somewhere else. Someway somehow, those conversations never extended past the first 24 hours. This time around though, we've decided we don't want to look back, the way we do now, and regret not having taken the leap.

6 Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

You did it! You booked your newborn session. Newborn photos are an investment that your family will cherish for generations. It understandable that you’d want to do everything you can to make the day a success. Following these guidelines will ensure your newborn session go smoothly and will result in the modern natural images of your dreams.

2 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

When’s the last time you checked in with your partner? I mean really asked them how they were. The days with a new baby can feel like such a blur of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. Often it feels like as partners you are just two passing ships in the night. If there is one thing that postpartum has taught us is that it is much better to check in with one another before the floor drops out. Because of this we now make it a goal to do a real check-in once every few months by asking each other these questions:

What We're Listening To: Neva's Playlist

Confession time: we don’t listen to baby shark! I've always avoided playing kids music for Neva. And yes, we have had days where ‘Let it go’ has played on repeat for hours; however, most days are filled with music I want to listen to and Neva telling me: “add this to my playlist mama”. For Neva, a good song is something she can perform dramatically to or has a great beat for driving with the windows down. If you’re looking for some songs to add into your rotation, try Neva’s current favorites. They will be a hit for the kids and adults alike.

Happy Mother's Day

Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding and most challenging transitions I’ve ever gone through. Watching other moms from behind my lens has allowed me to gain a better sense of joy and connection to the messier sides of motherhood. In honor of mother’s day I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments I’ve captured of moms and their babes over the last year.

Inside Our Home: Playroom

How we choose to decorate homes and what we surround ourselves with tells more about who we are and then we even realize. I’m one of those people that loves seeing other peoples spaces. Today we are giving you a peak into one room in our home. Enjoy a look inside our home to the girls adorable playroom.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring in Chicago, one day its snowing and the next its sunny again. We are constantly trying to come up with new ways to keep our kids entertained and busy in the great outdoors. Daily walks around the block can get monotonous when you are exploring the same four trees. To help we created this simple scavenger hunt to get your kiddos exploring their neighborhood with new eyes.

Style Tips: Hosting a Baby Shower

A few weeks ago a shared with you images from a recent shower I threw. Last year at this time I hosted an amazing April Showers themed baby shower for my friend Celeste. Today I wanted to break down how you too can host a stunning and thoughtful shower for all the mama’s to be in your life.

Weekly Meal: Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Cooking for toddlers can be rough. The foods they are willing to eat seem to change on a minute to minute basis and cooking two meals is way more work and something none of us ever want to do. When looking for a family friendly recipe I want it to be easy, flavorful and nutritious. If you are in need of a new recipe to add to your weekly meal plan than this is for you. These turkey lettuce wraps will satisfy the picky toddlers (and adults) in your life.

Picking Up New Hobbies After Kids

Becoming a parent comes with its own little Pandora’s box. While we’d like to maintain our own self-identity and simply enhance our individual profile by saying “ok, the only difference now is that I’m responsible for another human being”; truth is, it may not always be that simple. As an example, let’s say I happen to enjoy axe-throwing as a hobby. Given the nature of this activity and the components involved, it’s likely not something I can do with the kiddos or continue to dedicate as much time to without also sacrificing time at home.

Chic Tropical Baby Shower

Nothing beats a tropical oasis on a frigid March day. Baby showers are such fun events to throw and I jumped at the opportunity to host an intimate baby shower for my dear friend Danielle.

Dave and Danielle spent their baby-moon in Hawaii at the very beginning of her pregnancy and I thought: let’s bring her pregnancy full circle with a chic tropical shower.

Gardening: Spring Checklist

When the snow has melted and the calendar tells me it should be spring I immediately get the itch to get out and start working in my garden. Even before the weather truly begins to feel like spring there are ways to get a head start on gardening season. Today I wanted to share with you my spring gardening checklist as well as some tools that will help bring your garden to its full potential this summer.

His Style: Spring Fashion Picks

Spring this year is extra special because it’ll be the first Spring since I bought my motorcycle. Which means, I’ll have more to look forward to as the weather improves. With that said, my picks this year certainly lean towards casual riding gear. Taking into account both style and functionality is of utmost importance given how quickly the weather can change. I’d like to think these items can work quite nice in any occasion and provide plenty of options to mix-and-match with other apparel.

3 Things That Have Helped Our Marriage

Real talk time. Marriage is hard. If you can believe it we met when we were only 19 years old. 19!!! That’s not even legal drinking age in the US. Dating at such a young age meant that we had a lot of growing to do both individually and together. Today we want to share the three things that we have implemented into our relationship since having kids and how they have made our relationship stronger.