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Chic Tropical Baby Shower

Nothing beats a tropical oasis on a frigid March day. Baby showers are such fun events to throw and I jumped at the opportunity to host an intimate baby shower for my dear friend Danielle.

Dave and Danielle spent their baby-moon in Hawaii at the very beginning of her pregnancy and I thought: let’s bring her pregnancy full circle with a chic tropical shower.

Gardening: Spring Checklist

When the snow has melted and the calendar tells me it should be spring I immediately get the itch to get out and start working in my garden. Even before the weather truly begins to feel like spring there are ways to get a head start on gardening season. Today I wanted to share with you my spring gardening checklist as well as some tools that will help bring your garden to its full potential this summer.

Welcome to Casa Camhi

We’re doing it, here we go!  The days are long but somehow the years have gone by way too fast.  It’s hard to even keep track of all that has happened since we met, so what better way for us to document our journey and share it than through a “duo blog”. And you may be wondering why, don’t they have better, more important things to tend to? Of course we do; however, we’ve realized that one of the great joys of life we cherish is in sharing.

Style Tips: Fall Tablescapes

Friends, family, gratitude and most importantly food.  That’s right. I’m talking about arguably the best holiday: Thanksgiving.  Usually in November I host at least one fall feast.  This year will be no different. I’m hosting a traditional Thanksgiving for some family and a casual Friendsgiving earlier in the month. For both events, the part I get most excited about is decorating the table.

Style Tips: Backyard 4th of July Party

4th of July…a time for hot dogs, sparklers and backyard parties!  Hosting a 4th of July party has become a tradition at our house. My husband became a US citizen in 2014 so we go all in when celebrating ‘Merica. Below I’ll break down how I go about putting together a fabulous and casual 4th of July party.

Style Tips: Summer Planters

Summer has arrived to Evanston!   As I crawl out of my winter hibernation it's the time for all things new.  My wardrobe needs a spring refresh and so does the front of my house.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out what to put in the planters so I thought I’d break down how I go about styling a gorgeous summer planter.