The Adventure Begins...

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my living room in Guatemala City over looking beautiful mountains and volcanos…somebody pinch me! I can’t believe this is my life right now. It has been just over a week since Neva and I arrived to Guatemala to join Joe and Adilia on our year adventure and what a busy week it has been.

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

I love a good gin cocktail and nothing beats the classic Gin & Tonic. It’s my go to summer drink and in honor of making it through my first week home alone with Neva I thought I’d cheers to Friday with a cocktail.

Handling Anxiety During Uncertainty

I am a person who likes lists, control and order. These are at times helpful tools however they also can be symptoms of my anxiety. My need for control can turn my type A personality to unhealthy habits where I over work myself to quiet my brain. Let me tell you from experience…This. Does. Not. Work. Over working myself means i’m giving myself no down time. No time to feel what I’m feeling. think what i’m thinking. or heaven forbid acknowledge i’m overwhelmed and might need to (gulp) ask someone for help.

5 Summer Date Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about date night can be figuring out what to do and falling into the same old routine. To jumpstart your summer date nights we’ve come up with 5 easy and fun ideas that will have you giggling and hopefully ending the night the way all date nights should end.

His Style: Summer Picks

With the nicer weather finally here I can't wait to put away the rain jackets and boots and pull out my summer leisure wear. Below you'll find items that are my current favorites and hands-down go-to when I want to be comfortable and yet maintain some semblance of fashion.

Survey Says: Dads are Rad

With Father’s Day around the corner we wanted to focus in on the dads and what they mean to their partners. We were curious: What do women appreciate most about their spouses as husband and fathers?  So we asked 10 women just that.  When people answered the question what stood out was the little day-to-day moments that they appreciated. Helping around the house, waking up at night with the baby, and making breakfast. I’m talking about half of the respondents pointed out making breakfast! What I take from the acknowledgment of these little things is that it’s not the grand gestures; it’s showing up regularly and consistently, working as a team.

Our 5 Rules for a Successful Date Night

The number one piece of advice we tell all our friends to implement when they have their first child is to make it a point to carve out time for date nights. When Joe and I are consistently getting uninterrupted time together the whole house runs more smoothly. Often the hesitation I get from friends who think they can’t do weekly date nights is that they think they have to get a babysitter and leave the house to make it count. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. While we of course prefer to exit the house to make it feel more special, it’s not always realistic. So today we thought we’d share our 5 rules that make it count as a date.